Responsibilities of the Product Owner role in Scrum

The Product Owner role in Scrum is one of three roles in the Scrum framework along with the Scrum Master role and the Development team.

Everyone knows who the developers and programmers are, as well as the Scrum Master. However, let’s share some information about the Product Owner role. Reference: “Responsibilities and skills of the Product Owner role in Scrum“,

Scrum is not project management. That’s why the Product Owner role is not a project manager. To get acquainted in detail with project management practices, read the MuzoNet website.

What are the most important responsibilities of the Product Owner role?

The Product Owner role represents the “voice of stakeholders” to the team and is responsible for creating value that comes from the work of the Development team.

The Product Owner role creates user-oriented “tasks”. The Product Owner role works with stakeholders. Represents their interest and looks for ways to meet their interests and product requirements. Reference: “What are the responsibilities of the Product Owner role?”,

Who is the manager of Scrum?

There is no hierarchy in Scrum. However, responsibilities must be known and respected. Many would say that the Product Owner role is the manager at Scrum. Others will say that this is the Scrum Master. But everyone is wrong. Scrum has no manager. Read more details about the Scrum framework on the website.

What does the value of the work done mean?

Value for consumers can be any convenience, utility, and provision of some social or professional benefit to consumers. If the product is new warehousing software, then its users should expect more accurate stock availability, easier or faster use. Reference: “What are the responsibilities of the Product Owner role in Scrum?”,

Value for stakeholders (owners, investors, partners, representatives) can simply be said to be measured in some profit or benefit – financial gain, economic or marketing benefit.

What is User Story?

User Story is an informal and concise description of a user’s need. This is usually a written form that presents the potential user’s perspective on the product’s functionality. The user history describes the user who needs functionality, its context, and goals. Why may User Story not mean a task that team members work on? Because it may have dropped out for one reason or another.

What does the Product Owner’s role do with stakeholders?

Discussion of the budget, necessary technical functionalities, setting a deadline for implementation, and other formalities. What are the responsibilities of the Scrum Product Manager role? There is no product manager role in Scrum, Product owner is the closest to a product manager. Read more: “What makes a good Product Owner and what do they do?“,

What are the important knowledge and qualities of the Product Owner role?

  • Maintaining an idea and vision of how the product will develop and build.
  • Ongoing cooperation and communication with stakeholders.
  • Creating and maintaining a Product Backlog – writing User Stories
    Prioritization of the content of Product Backlog – a solution for the sequence of work.
  • Release management – setting phases and dates for the release of new versions of the product.
  • Track work progress, time, and budget

What is the difference between the value for consumers of a product and the value of the product from the point of view of its owners?

For the consumer, this can be a kind of functionality that helps him use, and for the owners – profit, development costs, etc.

How often should the Product Owner role guide the Development team on how they should do their job?

The Product Owner does not guide the Development team on how to do their job, it does the relationship between them and the business. He must make sure that everything is in order during the sprint and that it will be completed on time. Reference: “Responsibilities of the Product Owner – Questions and answers“,

What does prioritizing work mean?

Prioritization means that the work is planned in such a way that it is most optimal for the project. If there are critical bugs that affect or limit the customer, they have a higher priority. Out of all this prioritized Product Backlog, the Development Team decides how many tasks it can develop during its Sprint.

Certification and training

Product Owner certification can be found on the BVOP website. This is a contemporary program that, in addition to their traditional Scrum, also encourages project and product management.

You can learn more about the program in the PM.MBA article on product owner certification.

In Europe, Advanced Owner courses are offered by “Project Management Academy Ltd”. Learn more at their product owner certification info page.

Why should the Product Owner role prioritize work?

Because the Product Owner works with stakeholders and looks for ways to meet their interests and product requirements. Also, not all items have special value, some of them may be insignificant or planned for the next phase, which is why the Product owner prioritizes work.

Why can stakeholders stop working on a product when, in terms of planned work, the product is not ready yet?

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