The Best Product Owner Certification online programs in 2022

Product Owner Certification online programs in 2021 and 2022

The Product Owner Online Certification is a popular topic in 2022 and will be an even more hot topic in 2023. The Professional Scrum Product Owner evaluation is open to anyone that needs to prove their awareness of the Scrum framework and understanding to promote value production and distribution.

Those who pass the evaluation will take acknowledged Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification to prove their dominance of the Product Owner principles and topics.

BVOP Product Owner Certification

The BVOP™ Product Owner Certification program includes much more knowledge than the traditional and popular Product Owner roles. You will learn project management and people management, as well.

BVOP Product Owner certification


Attending a course is not needed. While attending a Professional Scrum Product Owner program is highly suggested, if you feel you now control a high level of experience, you have the opportunity to get the Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification assessment immediately.

The Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification evaluation is designed in the Professional Scrum Product Owner problem fields. The assessment is in place to guarantee you understand the Product Owner role and therefore detailed in its subjects and expected results. Many questions ask the applicants to consider or define the essence from the Scrum Guide and/or to utilize content from the Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification matter fields and in some instances, use their own knowledge.

Prepare for the Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification Assessment for 2022.

2022 is almost over, so focus your effort on the next 2023 year. The Product Owner online certification assessment includes issues from various product topics as described by Professional Scrum professionals. The particular topics of which subjects may be chosen through the assessment are posted on every website offering Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification online.

The assessment is difficult and severe. Numerous questions require you to think about or describe the meaning from the Scrum Guide, utilize content from the Product Owner Learning Path, and implement your own practice.

Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification Price

Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification price is $200 USD.

The BVOP Product Owner Certification cost is $70. If you have a promo code for a free certificate, you may obtain it for only $8 (a small support price).


Professionals who have passed Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification and obtained certification express a common knowledge of the Scrum framework, and how to use it to maximize the value produced with a product. They present a commitment to continued professional development and a great level of engagement in their domain of work.

Achieving Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification online is an illustration of the experience each Professional Scrum Product Owner should be able to perform.


People that have passed the advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification (PSPO II) and completed certification prove an exceptional level of knowledge of how the Scrum framework can encourage the production of value, and how to manage it in the real environment.

They present knowledge of professionalism and a great level of dedication to growing the value produced with software development practicing Scrum. Reaching advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification (PSPO II) is a significant accomplishment.

To be efficient, Product Owners require to possess a strong grasp on the value drivers for their product, and a strong understanding of how to apply agile methods and Scrum to maximize that value. The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) assessments empower people to approve and confirm their perception of the role of the Product Owner and how they would react to actual circumstances that would stimulate them.

What is a Professional Scrum Product Owner

Professional Scrum Product Owners express the experience and knowledge of Scrum, the Product Owner role, and their capacity to implement that experience in real-world conditions. The value of certification is personally tied to the demonstration of expertise required to achieve it.

Advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner certifications are significantly more worthwhile than open choices for Scrum Product Ownership. And, we endeavor to guarantee that they continue to be helpful and important through regular review and revision of the assessment content.

Becoming A Professional Scrum Product Owner

It is not necessary that you take an acknowledged Scrum training course to take one of our assessments, although it is deeply suggested. We assume that certification is more than simply a method to prove that you attended a course and that is why professional product owner certifications are so highly respected in the business.

Accordingly, we make assessments open to anyone as a method for you to prove your expertise and knowledge of the role of Product Owner in detail. For example, the training classes include a free attempt at the corresponding assessment.

The Product Owner certification program provides you the opportunity to get a test assessment so you can test your current knowledge. The great news is that every time you give a correct answer, you gain your general professional knowledge points.

Those that pass a Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification assessment will hold a corresponding industry-recognized certification document. There are many opportunities for Professional Scrum Product Owner assessment: Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification (PSPO I), the advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification (PSPO II), the BVOP™ Certified Product Owner program, and many more.

If you want to obtain the advanced Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification of the (PSPO II) first you would need the general Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification (PSPO I). If you prefer the BVOP™ Product Owner certification program, you do not need any previous certifications.

Which Product Owner certification should I go for anyway?

There are several certifications that weigh when beginning out as Product Owner: The BVOP™ Certified Product Owner (by, Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) by Scrum Alliance, and Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I) by By 2023 the same online certification programs are expected to be the best as well as are they now in 2022.

The BVOP™ Product Owner Certification

The price is amazing. But the topics you will learn are very important, modern, and useful for real-world situations. You will not only learn product owner topics but also a lot of subjects from the modern project management certifications. You will also understand the advanced Scrum Master role and its responsibilities and activities.

The BVOP™ Ultimate Guide is an open and free book that shares extensive knowledge related to modern organizational, project, product, and people management principles and practices.

Professional Scrum Product Owner I

If you liked to go for the PSPO I: CSPO pushes you to follow a two-day training. Once you pass the education, the certification is only valid for two years. It is a great money cow for Scrum Alliance. I do not want to be a part of that, as I do not believe it scores acceptable value.

PSPO I can be studied at your own convenience and you need to pass an online application. It is valid endlessly.

CSPO is not held in greater respect than PSPO I. PSPO I is really more complex than CSPO. Openings do not make a difference between the two. Why pay more money if it does not give substantial value to the job business?

Notwithstanding which one of the two I would choose, I would examine the same guide. The intent should be overtaken awareness and not the stamp of admiration.

Organizations do care about the stamp of approval. Particularly when you need to start as a Product Owner without previous experience. I totally worry about the knowledge I am able to implement.

Plan for passing the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) certification

I applied the following procedure for obtaining the certification:

Schedule the exam ahead of time. This involves your reading time is time-boxed and you have a deadline to struggle towards. One month should be more than acceptable. It helps to remain focused and do the commitment.

Understand the official Scrum Guide. Examine it again. Keep on reading till you get annoyed. It is simply 20 pages!

Make a Mind Map. Formalize everything you have read in a mental model. This will aid in remembering and strengthening training.
Do all the free assessments available on for each role: Development Team, Scrum Master, and Product Owner. Read The product owner is king article.

Continue doing this until you consistently score 100 percent. If you fail a question, learn the relevant sections in the Scrum guide. Taking all possible public assessments helps to understand where any role starts and ends.

Questions and answers for passing a Product Owner Certification online program

Make sure you are capable of answering the next questions:

  • When does a sprint start? When does it end?
  • When is it fine to cancel a sprint?
  • What is the purpose of each Scrum event? How does this fit with the empirical method form of Scrum?
  • Who is permitted to attach items to the backlog and perform modifications to them?
  • How should the backlog be prioritized?
  • Who is accountable for evaluating the backlog?
  • What are all Scrum Events and which artifacts do they present?
  • What are the least and most time-boxes for each Scrum Event? If appropriate, what do the time-boxes depend on?
  • Who demands to be near at each Scrum situation and who does not?
  • What are the duties of each role?
  • What is the minimum and maximum quantity of members for the Development Team?
  • What circumstances should be taken into consideration when determining the length of a sprint?
  • What is the distinction between the Scrum Team and the Development Team?

Study articles on the Product Owner role. There are more than plenty everywhere around. That helps to understand various viewpoints and receive more in-depth knowledge about what the role truly requires. You will also be capable to find the slips people make in their studies. Scrum is simple to understand, but difficult to master.

Doing the PSPO I certification

First, you need to read the Product Owner Certification from the Home of Scrum. The exam test needs 60 minutes and consists of 80 issues. There is not enough information about the year 2021 but probably the questions and requirements will be the same.

You will not have a lot of time to think about stuff. Be ready for that so you do not appear constrained. I would describe the exam as natural in terms of hardness. If you understood all the steps above you should not suffer.

For a lot of the issues, you will instantly recognize the correct answer without actually having to think a lot. Some of the topics will be a bit harder and really take the time to think them over. You can always note the tough questions and revisit them later.

13 replies on “The Best Product Owner Certification online programs in 2022”

Very comprehensive article. Thanks for your work. However, I have one question that is not mentioned here. What’s the difference between Product Owner and Product Management certification? I’m thinking about getting a product manager course soon, but this article confuses me. Is there a sponsor of the product? Is management position again or part of the company board of directors?
Thanks in advance. I will be very pleased with the answer.

Hello again, I am interested in the BVOP Product Owner certification program but I need more details. Is it complete offered online or I have to visit some physical location? Share little bit information about the courses please. What course do I need to enroll for to obtain the certificate? Thanks a lot in advance. Peter

I want to ask if it matters where I sign up for a Product Owner certificate? Are all certification institutions the same, rather the quality and substance of training? I see that each brand has a different price for the Product Owner course. Can you recommend high quality and affordable price at the same time? thanks in advance

Hello everyone,
I want to enhance my career opportunities and I am trying to decide what certificate would be best for me. Is the product owner on a higher level on the hierarchy than the project manager? I would like to invest my budget in the best certification program. Should I go for that education? Thanks a million.

Hi again Marko,
The product manager stands above the product owner as their decide the strategic planning, marketing and different economics factors. The product owner just follows roadmap and vision and executes that plans with development teams.

I would like to make a slight addition to Carolina’s idea. Product owner and Product manager may not even interact. Also their presence in a same company or department is not even guaranteed. These are very different roles and comparing them would only lead to confusion among not very well familiar with the area audience.

Dear PGOV team,
Thank you for the detailed publication about this certification. Can you please tell what are knowledge competences of the BVOP Product Owner role? Thank you very much in advanced! Ismail

Dear Ismail Kurina,
Unfortunately, it is not clear what exactly your question concerns. If you ask about if it is an advanced role, so yes, it is.
Best regards

Hi again, PGOV. I am sorry for the late reply. I actually forgot about my question. I accidentally found your article again, and I saw your response. Yes, that was my question. I asked if the BVOP Product Owner certification program is an advanced role. Thank you for the brief and clear answer.

Does the BVOP program require attendance at a specific seminar, training or pre-course? Are additional fees paid and what would be the final price for the client? I understand that there is an online exam that validates the student’s knowledge, but what would be the full procedure for participating in the program? thanks

All BVOP certification programs do not require physical or online presence at training, seminar or any other format of workshops. For the Product Owner diploma, you need a deep understanding of the sections published in the BVOP Ultimate Guide and the BVOP Agile Guide. The official requirements are provided on

Hi there,
Is this PO course requires previous Scrum experience or something similar? I have more than 1 year project management experence in an Agile product company.

Thanks for the wonderfully provided and well-structured information. I have already received an official document and I am extremely happy. The BVOP methodology you mention is probably interesting and valuable for any Agile organization.

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