PMP® Certification Training Course in Athens (Athína), Greece

Certification and PMP training in Athens (Athína), Greece, and the high cost of the exam is again a hotly discussed topic in 2020 and will be so in 2021.

PMP certification training in Athens, Greece

About the PMP® Certification Training Course in Athens (Athína), Greece

What is essential for a highly competent PMP® training?

  • The quality afforded by an official Registered Training Organization of PMI
  • Complete and clear teaching materials
  • Skilled and experienced lecturer – both in terms of directing such training and in terms of practical experience in project management
  • Providing resources for extra training before and after the on-site training
  • Providing a substantial amount of sample exercise practice questions
  • A complete explanation of PMI terms
  • Application of effective training methods
Our PMP® preparation course is completely tailored to all of these factors.

Not coincidentally, this is the most widespread and most successful PMP course in Athens (Athína), Greece.

But not only that – we are regularly expanding and improving it.

The content of the exam changes regularly, which is associated with a period of greater difficulty and reduced success. Our training is always up-to-date in terms of exam requirements.

PMP certification exam

The exam requires in-depth expertise in all areas of modern project management. You need to learn and memorize a large amount of knowledge from the Guide to the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). This is an enormous document with 756 pages.

PMI consciously keeps high requirements for the PMP® exam and this is the main reason why this certificate is considered very worthy. Reference: “PMP & CAPM Certification Training Course in London, UK Online”,

If you have severe experience in project management, you surely have competencies in this field. Sadly, they may not be useful for the exam. You will answer the exam questions based on your practical knowledge, but the correct answers are defined based on the opinion of the Project Management Institute (PMI), which may be modified.

It is thought that the more experience a person has in project management, the more challenging the exam will be for him, due to the difference of experience with the perceptions of PMI.

There are particular things in PMI’s PMBOK that you need to know about the exam. You should keep in mind that the PMP exam is a test of PMI’s practices and theory.

During the exam, if there is a difference between your practice or understanding and the PMI viewpoint, you will need to choose the correct answers from the PMI perspective.

Course objectives

After the course, participants will be able to:

Apply advanced project management knowledge based on PMI’s PMBOK® pattern

To understand the content and form of exam questions

Identify their weak areas that require further self-training. Reference: “The Best Project Management Courses for 2021 and 2022”,

Pass the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification exam

Lecturers in the course

Project managers and managers who wish to obtain a PMP® certificate. 

Professionals wishing to improve their project management knowledge and skills.

The course is also suitable for preparation for the PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exam.

PMP® price and cost for training and exam

The role of the project manager in Athens (Athína), Greece is growing more and more demand despite the solid price for training and exam, involved professionals in the field may be wandering between PMP certificates, BVOP, PRINCE2, and even many professionals compare Agile Scrum Master role and Product Owner certificate with certification. is some alternative to PMP.

In job announcements in Athens, Greece, which offer an open Project Management position, companies include in their requirements an opinion such as:

PMP / BVOP / PRINCE2 / CSPO from alternative certification is desired

Companies are forced to look for professionals with certifications from different organizations, even in different areas and aspects of development and management methodologies, as there are few experts in Athens, Greece.


PMP is one of the earliest groups that offer certification in the area of project management. Their methodologies have almost become a benchmark for project management. Other companies copy methods, techniques, and studies.

PRINCE2 is a British organization that offers certification in project management. By comparison, everything is very close to PMP, but the whole terminology is different and this is very confusing for learners. The choice is difficult between the two.

However, BVOP in a new management system created in 2018 changed the views of project managers. BVOP education is very Agile-oriented and imposes the idea of ​​losing many of the old processes and creates new and modern approaches and ways of thinking.

Important competencies and skills of the project manager that help senior management

  • Human Resource Management.
  • Communication and motivation, management of the internal environment.
  • Risk management – RMP.
  • Budgeting and design of the scope and requirements – Project plan.
  • Planning, analyzing, and controlling the phases of the project.
    Structuring the work – WBS.
  • Preparation of the entire document flow – forms, diaries, documents for project completion, as well as contracts with suppliers.
  • Supply management.
  • Quality management is an extremely important part of any project, for the specific project I will rely on colleagues – specialists to prepare quality criteria and standards.
  • Trust the team to implement and manage the deadlines.
  • To prepare the scope of the project, rely mainly on the experts involved in the programming of the client’s previous mobile applications.

Useful skills for the project manager for his duties

  • Relationships and coordination of project stakeholders:
    • internal / senior management and team /;
    • external / customer
  • The business value of the organization – human resources, skills and professionalism of employees, good work processes, customer satisfaction.
  • Creation of the Project Charter and Project Plan, decomposition of the tasks, and creation of WBS – the creation of the project stages, implementation tasks, work teams, project budget, the connection of the individual units, distribution of responsibilities, and specific roles.
  • Creating quality requirements – tailored to the client’s assignment and needs.
  • Timely awareness of client-team-management. Communication channels.
  • Human resource management. Distribution of the respective responsibilities and maintenance of a fruitful and working environment.
  • Supply management. Maintaining reliable and diversified deliveries from external contractors. Optimal stocks.
  • Project financial framework and cost management. Development of tracking of each cost and control of the application.
  • Risk management plan. Establish a system for identification, monitoring, auditing, and control to prevent or avoid risks.
  • Avoiding mistakes from past projects and using learned useful practices in the implementation of certain tasks and situations.
  • Monitoring and control of the implementation of the activities.
  • Documentation of stages, tasks, and diaries. Controlling the whole process.

Scrum Master and Product Owner

These are two roles that are typical of Agile methodologies and have little to do with either PMP certification standards or PRINCE2. Their rules even reject the role of the project manager from the software development processes uniquely. However, BVOP created its Agile Guide and fully expanded the roles of these two Agile positions.

Price of PMP certificate and exam

It is well known that the price of this certificate and exam is the highest possible in the world. $ 500 for a certificate plus an additional $ 500 for an exam can be said to be a rough estimate of the amount you will need. Unlike other certification programs, the price for Athens, Greece remains the same, regardless of which country you are a resident of.

Project Management Professional (PMP)®

What do they say from PMI? Project Management Professional (PMP) ® is the industry’s most prestigious certificate for project managers.

You can find PMP training in almost any homeland and, unlike other certifications that focus on a specific geography or region, PMP® is truly global. As a PMP, you can work in almost any business, with any methodology, and in any place. Reference: “Top 40 Project Management certifications for 2021 and 2022”,

PMP can also provide a significant benefit when it comes to salary and earnings potential. Among managers who participated in the PMI salary level survey, those with a PMP certificate get a higher salary (on average by 20%) than those without a PMP certification.

The advantages for employers are also excellent. When more than a third of their project managers are PMP certified, organizations complete their projects on time, on budget, and meet their initial objectives.

PMP means you speak and understand the global style of project management and connect you with a society of professionals, organizations, and specialists around the world. Become a PMP and become the hero of the project.

Is it worth investing in a PMP certificate and exam?

Debatable issue. Many professionals will tell you that this is a must and the investment is worth the money and time. Others will tell you that this is a useless loss of time and cash.

What do the facts show? Some companies in Athens, Greece offer a much higher salary to specialists with PMP certification. The salary can reach USD 10,000 net salary. It all sounds very nice and perfect, but there is one problem.

The obstacle is that these companies are single separated facts. For one calendar year, you can find 2 or 3 maximum such possibilities and proposals. You are applying for a job as a Certified PMP project manager and are waiting for this unique dream assignment.

Certified PMP offers in reality and job postings

Although there are few professionals with a PMP document, they are always more than the job offers that will actually offer you such a salary.

We mentioned that many corporations declare in their job positions the desire for PMP certification, but 95% of them can not offer you what you might expect after this huge amount of work and money.

PMP training and courses in Athens, Greece

If you are sure that PMP certification will unlock many doors for you in Athens, Greece, then act, despite the high price. Find the best project management training. Take your time, attend appropriate courses. Make sure that for the mentally painful price, in addition to courses, you will pass a successful exam, as well as the document itself (PMP certification).

Beware of tempting offers that only offer you programs, because then it will turn out that you will not have a certificate again and you will have spent a solid amount of money.

This was our report about PMP Certification in Athens, Greece. Don’t forget to write your questions and impressions in the comments.

Top 5 popular reasons to get a PMP® certificate

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certificate is a certain step to validate your knowledge and professional expertise. It has international validity and is widely recognized in Athens, Greece.

The PMP® certificate is not bound to a specific methodology or industry. It is sought after in IT, construction, software development, manufacturing, telecommunications, finance, and more.

The PMP® certificate is a symbol of your commitment to the profession and your commitment to develop and maintain your knowledge and abilities.

With it, you become part of the prestigious professional community of over 1,000,000 PMI® certified project managers worldwide.

Certified professionals enjoy a number of benefits, such as higher pay, career development opportunities, and employer recognition.

Top 5 reasons not to get a PMP® certificate

Here’s what professional skeptics say:

  • Too expensive courses, training and exam fees
  • You need to renew your certificates and membership
  • It is not certain that the certificate will provide you with the dream job
  • There is no guarantee that you will have serious and in-depth skills
  • In a real environment and in many tense situations you will not know what to do
Still, try PMP

Get the most prestigious project management certificate in the world with this preparatory course. Our members have an extremely high success in the exam, from the first time. This is the most popular training for PMP® in Athens, Greece. Prepare for a successful exam pass even if you have not yet undergone specialized project management training or have limited study time.

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Thanks for the wonderfully provided and well-structured information. I have already received an official document and I am extremely happy. The BVOP methodology you mention is probably interesting and valuable for any Agile organization.

Our BVOP partners send you their regards and are glad that you now have their certificate. We wish you much professional success as a certified project manager. We are glad that you shared your achievement with us.

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