How to implement Agile HR in your organization

Agile HR is a relatively new concept. HR managers were not aware of terms like Agile until now.

However, the introduction of Scrum in organizations worldwide has sharpened the attention of Human Resources professionals to the word Agile.

So, can you do a mix between HR and Agile? Is human resource management similar to software development?

Things are not that simple, and if you mix HR with an Agile manifesto for example, or a Scrum Guide, you probably won’t like the result.

Still, HR professionals and Agile fans managed to make some tips.’s Agile HR Methodology

Let’s remind, however, that the management certification organization BVOP ( managed to make an Agile management methodology for HR managers and CEOs. Therefore, if you are looking for a real and adequate Agile HR, you should read the entire “BVOP Ultimate Guide” and “BVOP Agile Guide”.

Agile HR borrowed from

However, in the article, we will refer to the ideas of some members of the online forum of the website.

Better to start with the fact that a “person” is not a “resource”. In today’s business world, looking at specialists who require high concentration, motivation, and creativity as a “resource” is just like looking at these people as “battery people” who are identical to each other and who can fully replace each other like in the movie “The Matrix”.

Namely, although deliberately exaggerated, we cannot form a team by saying “give me 2 digital marketers, 1 digital marketer, and 2 software developers” I guess we already know that. To put it plainly, the Human Resources and Management perspective created by traditional management approaches has not been valid for a long time.

For the reasons mentioned above, let’s proceed to fix the title first; Agile Human Resources, there is no such thing. However, we should not be so nervous about the use of this phrase, because the current designation for many people is still “Human Resources”.

Agile HR

This expression will work for now to create a common basis of agreement on the matter.

However, let’s proceed by changing this name within the scope of this article. Let’s go with a name that would be more appropriate for the Agile work style that fully embraces the human heart instead of mechanical processes and procedures.

For example, should we say Employee Happiness Office? Of course, another better alternative could be found, but I think this is a name that expresses our focus in a better way for now.

Well, did we become Agile after changing the name? Of course not. A lot is going on besides changing the name. Let’s quickly list simple examples of how “Office with Happy Employees” can support this journey of transformation into an Agile company.

Assign your responsibilities to the Organization

Interviewing techniques and competencies in an agile organization should not be the work of Happy Employees Office specialists alone. Therefore, develop the interviewing skills of teams and team leads throughout the company and encourage them to be more active in the interview processes.

Stop thinking in a function-oriented way and focus on talents

Include people of diverse talents in your company’s recruitment processes so that you find not only individuals with knowledge and expertise in a particular field but also those who have diverse talents and who are promising.

For example, when hiring software developers, of course, those who are familiar with this work should attend the interview process, but this is not enough.

Agile organizations consist of teams that bring together people with different talents. Therefore, it would not be sufficient to assess candidates in terms of a single competence.

Candidate interviews and assessments should be conducted by the relevant Agile team who will be working with the candidate. If possible, the business stakeholders that this team works with should also be involved in the process.

Finding talent is a continuous process of Agile HR

Don’t post job ads related to pressing needs, constantly hunt for talent. I recommend you check out the Zappos Insider app as a good example. It should be noted that forming good teams is not easy and it starts with recruitment. Therefore, recruitment processes are crucial and you should devote enough time and effort.

Update your onboarding processes as a Human Resources Manager

At the beginning of the article, we said that we will not treat people like a battery. Therefore, it is impossible to immediately “plug” a new launcher into the system and start using it. Like the recruitment process, the onboarding process is also one of the most important steps to convey the company’s work style and culture.

Support the evolution of managers into leaders

We need leaders who coach/train their people so that individuals can develop their talents around their abilities instead of managing/controlling them. Enable transformation of managers into coaches and leaders.

Performance development, promotion, and career growth

Sorry, this is quite a long thread. However, the statement that will explain this idea in its shortest form is this; I guess we need to get rid of performance management and any kind of promotion and position structuring that involves hierarchy. This ideal (which you might consider utopian) is of course a difficult goal.

Nevertheless, I must say that if we consider what the starting point could be before reaching this ideal, we can mention taking the first steps with studies involving a competency-based wage policy and creating such a system; distinguish between periodic salary increases and performance reward mechanisms.

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Focus on living culture

It is quite difficult to design the culture of a company because the culture appears as a complete reflection of the day-to-day operations, practices, and behaviors in the company.

A way of working (culture) that does not fit the Agile way of thinking will be the biggest and most difficult obstacle to becoming an Agile company. Therefore, when changing culture, research is very important.

However, culture is not a phenomenon that can be changed by writing attractive words on the walls or defining it with a few presentations. A company’s culture is created by collective practices and behaviors in the daily work process, not by discourses or beautiful phrases.

Therefore, it is necessary to work on the vital points of culture in everyday practices.

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