Advanced Certified Scrum Master training course. Free, online and modern

The Advanced Certified Scrum Master training course is online and absolutely free. It familiarizes the audience with the most widely used Agile framework – Scrum. In this training course we will discuss all the components of the Scrum framework – roles, artifacts, events.

Advanced certified scrum master training course

We will pay special attention to the Product Owner and Scrum Master roles. Even after more than 20 years there have not yet been well understood.

With the Advanced Certified Scrum Master training course we will also discuss the main ceremonies of Scrum – planning and conducting the sprint, the daily meeting, the sprint review and the retrospection. Finally, the course will pay attention to the most common mistakes leading the Scrum to failure.

The Advanced certified scrum master training course will teach you:

  • Knowledge of the Scrum process framework in its full details – roles, artifacts, events
  • How to successful plan and implement a Scrum sprint
  • Techniques for successful review and retrospection of the sprint
  • Errors to keep and symptoms to monitor for a successful application of Scrum

Topics of the Advanced Certified Scrum Master training course

Sprint planning and executing

  • Prerogatives and responsibilities of the team
  • Planning the sprint and the aim of the sprint
  • Daily meetings
  • Definition of completion

The Product Owner role

  • Prerogatives and Responsibilities
  • Product Owner as Product Manager
  • The Product Owner as Product marketing manager
  • Product Owner as Project Manager
  • One Day in the Life of a Product Owner

Scrum Mistakes

  • General mistakes
  • Planning errors
  • Sprint Failure Errors
  • Errors at daily meetings
  • Errors in the review
  • Retrospection errors

What is a Scrum Master

Now let’s discuss what is a Scrum Master and some advanced specifics of the responsibilities. Scrum Master is a coach and assistant for the Scrum team.

They ensure that team members share the values of Scrum, follow the rules of the framework and follow the principle “One for all, and all for one.” The Scrum Master creates Scrum culture and helps the company to become “Agile”.

The interaction of other people and teams is also the responsibility of the Scrum Master. They help to stop interruptions with team.

The Advances Certified Scrum Master is not a formal authority. They cannot order people to do something. Their task is to observe, give feedback, and propose solutions so that the team works as efficiently as possible.

Scrum Master teaches you how to do Scrum

The simplest function of the Scrum Master is to teach people how to work according to the rules of Scrum. This means that Master Scrum spends most of the day with the Development Team and the Product Owner.

Scrum Master helps the Development Team to become self-organized and cross-functional. To this end, they grow trust across the team, help to resolve conflicts and work within the framework of Scrum. They focus attention to the discrepancies between the actions of the Team and the values of Scrum and provide feedback.

During the team meetings, the Master Scrum monitors the time and organizes the process of productive outcome. Even experienced self-organized teams that can independently conduct Scrum events work more effectively with the Scrum Master. For beginner teams, Scrum Master role is vital.

The Scrum Master and the Product Owner

The Scrum Master teaches the Product Owner how to follow Scrum, helps to manage the Product Backlog. Creates conditions in which the Product Owner and the Development Team understand each other and represent the amount of work needed to achieve a common goal.

Scrum Master helps organization become Agile

Scrum masters do not limit their activities with team training. The second important function of the Advanced Scrum Master is to help the entire organization respond more quickly to changes.

The fact is that cultivating agility in a company is a long and painful process. Scrum master is a source of values for Agile management approaches. They start the transformation of the company and do not allow them to go back.

If the company has processes that violate the principles of Scrum, then it is Scrum Master that finds them and advises how to do better.

How to become a Scrum Master taking the advanced training course

First let’s discuss how an advanced Scrum Master role comes to a team. Usually the Scrum Masters are chosen from the team members. They read and learn the Scrum Guide and, at best, they are sent to training courses. We recommend inviting Advanced Certified Scrum Master from outside the organization.

In other words, we believe that this is the best option for you, because such specialists have experience and can objectively assess the situation in the company.

We advise you to hire the most experienced Scrum masters, which are available out there. Often, unexperienced Scrum masters achieve formal adherence to the Scrum Guide, but do not work well with the framework’s values.

The Scrum Master applies real Scrum culture in the organization and helps growing Agile principles and methodologies.  Scrum master is the keeper and conductor of Scrum values in the company. So they grow the Agile culture in the team, establish the right processes and help the company to become agile with the least losses.

Enrolling in the Advanced Certified Scrum Master training course is the best way to grow your career but going deep into development practices and Agile methodologies are how you will acquire real knowledge and visions about the advanced Agile principles.

The course is free and online

The course is free and online and available to everyone. The certificate is absolutely valuable. You may need only to pay for a small support tax of $8 which is nothing compared to courses costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Comment bellow your attention for participating in the online course and we will contact you and provide all needed materials and instructions on how to register, enroll for the course and obtain a certificate.

For Bulgarian speaking Agile-oriented people, offers a great and advanced Scrum Master course with an extensive and deeply discusses topics related to Scrum, Kanban, Kaizen, and more modern materials.

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  1. Is this course offered by Scrum Alliance or other organization?
    I really need to know this before I allow myself going emotional about Advanced Certified Scrum Courses and Stuff.. 🙂 If you understand what I mean. Thanks.

  2. Hello,
    This sounds exiting but is is this Scrum Master certification really free? Is there any taxes, how can I enroll the course. Are there any free training materials as well? Please respond soon. I really need this. Best regards,

  3. I have the following question. Is the Advanced Scrum Master role equivalent to a project manager or is the classic Scrum Master an alternative to it, and the Advanced role is more of a qualification upgrade? Prices vary and I wonder what would have worked for me in my career. Thanks in advance. I know the question is a bit subjective and atypical.

  4. Hello everyone,
    As far as I get the entire idea, the Scrum Master is not so high position in the company hierarchy. Is that correct? The price of the certificate is cheaper than the project management certificate. At the same time the Scrum team does not have a project manager, and this is confusing. In other articles on the net I read that Scrum is very popular and many companies use it a lot. Please can you suggest me where should I focus my efforts and budget? Thanks a bunch.

  5. The difference in price is not because of the position but because of the different organizations offering these two separate qualifications. You cannot compare them based on level, tier or something like that. There is also no project management role in Scrum teams. Get familiar with the area and choose what you want to do exactly. Salary is not related to the position itself if this is what’s bothering you.

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